Monday, July 2, 2012

Khmer Pagodas Architecture

The typical architecture of the Khmer pagodas

July 3, 2012
For the Khmer ethnic people in the Southwestern region, pagodas are considered a special cultural and spiritual space imbued with strong religious faith.
As they hold an extremely important position in the Khmer culture, the pagodas are built magnificently, featuring the typical cultural identity and becoming invaluable cultural heritage of local people.
Buddhism plays a very important role in the daily lives of the Khmer people

Walls surrounding the main hall are made of pieces of ceramics

Doi (Bat) pagoda is home to the only huge bat species in Vietnam

Khmer pagodas have unique architecture with colourful tiles and intricate patterns

Snake heads on pagoda roofs are finely designed
and painted bright yellow

The image of the snake is commonly used
in the Khmer’s pagoda architecture

The staircase to the main hall is decorated
with intricately designed bas-reliefs

Pictures of Buddha’s life have high humanitarian values

A solemn service at a Khmer pagoda

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