Thursday, May 19, 2011

Photo Exhibit by Monks

Photo exhibition by Minister and Buddhist monks

May 20, 2011  about Community, News, Social
VietNamNet Bridge – Nearly 100 photos featuring love for life are now displayed at the “Leica – Live” exhibition, which opened on May 18, at 29 Hang Bai Street, Hanoi.
The exhibition attracts the audiences’ attention with the participation of Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Hoang Tuan Anh and Buddhist monks. All photos were taken by Leica cameras by 25 amateur and professional photographers.
Of nearly 100 photos, some were taken in the 1990s. Ministeer Hoang Tuan Anh contributes only one black-and-white photo, which portrayed Professor of aesthetics Duong Viet A.
Two Buddhist monks, Venerable monk Thich Minh Hien and Venerable monk Thich Minh Phuong contribute pictures depicting the daily life at pagodas.
Named “Live”, the exhibition introduces pictures that were taken overseas, for example Tibet Code by Duc Thanh, Street Circus in Hamburg by Nguyen Chi Trung or Float Market in Seoul by Khuat Tuan Anh.
There are some “special” pictures, including one about the opening ceremony of a class in Phu Son Prison in Thai Nguyen Province, which was taken by Hoang Minh Tri in April 2011.
The exhibition has the participation of many famous photographers like Hoai Linh, Viet Thanh, Duong Minh Long and Tran Viet Dung.
The exhibition will close on May 24.
Some pictures at the exhibition:
Portrait of Prof. Duong Viet A by Minister Hoang Tuan Anh.

A photo by Venerable monk Thich Minh Hien.

West Lake afternoon by Phan Huu Lap.

K Hospital (Cancer and Turmor Hospital) by Tran Viet Dung.

Street Circus in Hamburg by Nguyen Tri Chung.

Billiard by Nguyen Minh Tri.

Taking pipe by Do Anh Tuan.

Musician Trinh Cong Son lighted a cigarette for musician Van Cao by Duong Minh Long.

A photo by Venerable monk Thich Minh Phuong.

A photo by Venerable monk Thich Minh Hien.

The opening ceremony of a class at Phu Son Prison by Hoang Minh Tri.

Pregnant woman by Do Anh Tuan.

Reading newspaper on the lakeside by Hoai Linh.

Incense producing enterprise by Viet Thanh.

Float market in Seoul by Khuat Tuan Anh.

Doing morning exercise on the lakeside by Tran Viet Dung.

Bicycle pumping service on pavement by Le Tung Anh.


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